Day Session Student Films & Response Panel Schedule
10:00 – 11:00 a.m.        (approx. 30 min. film, 30 min. discussion)

Fall Hunt   RT: 2:11   (Bismarck State College)

Universal Remote   RT: 1:55   by Haylie Flesness   (Career Academy)

The Muse   RT: 2:35   (Independent)

What it Takes to be a Hockey Player   RT: 1:34   (Bismarck High School)

Student VS. Student   RT: 4:42   by Monte Grant   (United Tribes Technical College)

Texting and Driving   RT: 00:30   (Hazen High School)

Oakes Bachelorette Parody   RT: 8:04   (Oakes High School)

3D Collection   RT – 1:55   (Rasmussen College)

Treasure   RT: 5:59   (Bismarck State College)

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. (approx. 31 min. film, 29 min. discussion)

Wings. Dirt. Magic.   RT: 9:01   (Minnesota State University Moorhead)

Speech   RT: 2:29   (Hazen High School)

Sunset   RT: 3:55   by Cody American Horse   (United Tribes Technical College)

Sleepwalk Nightmare   by Jordan Bitz   RT: 7:20   (Career Academy)

Give Our Dreams Their Wings to Fly   RT: 2:55   (Hazen High School)

The Librarian’s Assistant   RT: 5:00   (Minnesota State University Moorhead)