2024 Dakota Film Festival

April 4th and 5th, the Dakota Film Festival will be presenting a showstopping lineup of esteemed short films at the Belle Mehus Auditorium.


Thursday Night (April 4th) will be a night of local and human-interest films with exclusive panels by local filmmakers and scholars disscussing their films.

Friday Night (April 5th) is a night of variety, showcasing how short films utilize genre to tell compelling stories.


Join us both nights with our 2 Night Pass that gets you into both events or buy tickets to either night individually!

About the Dakota Film Festival

The Dakota Film Festival offers a valuable platform for new and experienced individuals to showcase their unique visions. The festival creates an avenue for growth and development within the film industry. Additionally, the festival serves as an excellent resource for individuals interested in learning more about the many viable career paths that the film industry has to offer. Here, both seasoned industry professionals and students alike can share their experiences, connect and network, and gain insight into the various opportunities available within this exciting field. 

The Dakota Film Festival is administered by Dakota Media Access (DMA) and is managed by a volunteer committee. 

Dakota Film Festival is dedicated to supporting the work of emerging and talented filmmakers and video artists by promoting local video/film production and by expanding awareness of professional careers within the industry.

The mission of this festival is to support and encourage filmmaking and audio/video production in all forms by providing a venue for professionals in the industry and students to meet and show their work. Dakota Film Festival is administered by Dakota Media Access (DMA) and managed by a volunteer committee.