Steffi Likes This   RT: 5:00   Director: Phillip Scholz, Hamburg, Germany

The Root of the Problem   RT: 14:00   Director: Ryan Spindell, Los Angeles, CA

Codex   RT: 12:00   Director: Micah Bloom, Minot, ND

the Scared is scared   RT: 8:00   Director: Bianca Giaever, Brooklyn, NY

A Better Life   RT: 12:00   Director: Conor Holt, Roseville, MN

NOOB Insurance   RT: 2:00   Director: Tim Rodenberger, Bismarck, ND

Me + Her   RT: 12:00   Director: Joseph Oxford, Los Angeles, CA

Cowpokes Livin’ on the Edge   RT: 3:00   Director: John Akre, Minneapolis, MN

Ana’s Playground   RT: 20:00   Writer/Director: Eric Howell; Producers: Jillian Nodland and Marsha Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

Dotty   RT: 11:00   Director: Mick Andrews, Auckland, New Zealand

This is Our Country – Director’s Cut   RT: 12:00   Directors: Carson Nordgaard and Dave Diebel, Bismarck, ND

The Golden Ticket   RT: 9:00   Writer/Director: Patrick Hagarty, Toronto, Ontario